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It is a very complex method. So often, parents seek for the Hindu astrologers who have deep knowledge about these methods. Hindu astrologers have suggested that the birth of every child is governed by a particular Nakshartra, which should be used in deciding the first letter of the name of the child. Click here to know moer about Nakshatras and their Pada. All rights reserved.

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Namkaran Is the Hindu Naming Ceremony

Baby Names. Baby Name Ideas. Child Astrology. Regional Names. Name Tools. One of the many responsibilities of a parent includes selecting a name for the child. A name is the primary differentiator and is the first step in identity formation. Selecting an appropriate name is no small task and requires careful consideration of all options. Here are some important pointers to keep in mind before choosing a name for your baby.

It is important for parents to choose a name that in some way allows the child to develop into their own selves without burdening them with parental expectations. In order to avoid this burden, parents must choose a name that makes the child feel as if it is a gift to them from their parents.

Uniqueness: Since the function of a name is to set it apart from others, uniqueness plays an important role. Some names are more common than others and are a hot favourite in many communities. This can be due to the meaning of the name and what it symbolizes.

However, a unique and distinct name can empower a child to be his or her true self. It is important for parents to find out the meaning behind a name before giving it to their child. Simplicity: With borders between continents blurring, thanks to globalization, the need for universally understood names has increased. Cases of bullying and ridiculing are on the rise and it is best for parents to take this into consideration while naming their child.

Many Indian names are often mispronounced and misunderstood by foreigners. This may lead to the child being bullied or ridiculed amongst his peers. Parents must choose simple and easy to pronounce names that will help the child feel included and accepted by peers. Meaning: While some parents choose names based on a preference or liking, some may choose names based on its meaning. Indian parents have been naming children after gods and deities for centuries. This is done in hopes that the children will imbibe the qualities of the person after whom they have been named.

It is important for parents to understand the meaning behind the chosen name so that there is no confusion in future. Fitting to last name: Have you ever met someone whose name is a tongue twister?

This is because the first name and last name together are difficult to pronounce. Thus, parents should take into consideration the complete name of the child rather than just the first name. They must ensure that the name is not a tongue twister and is easy to pronounce. Identity: Since a name is the first step towards creating your identity, it is important to pick a name wisely. Some parents pick out nicknames for their children based on physical attributes or individual characteristics.

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Astrology: The position of planets, time of birth and place of birth can have a significant impact on human life. Planets, stars and constellations place a key role in determining various qualities, situations and life events. Astrology and Numerology in Choosing Baby Names. Some people are of the opinion that the number of letters in the name can be a crucial factor in the destiny of the person. This is why some people have extra letters in their name.

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Tusshar Kapoor has also used double S in his name instead of single S. Hritik Roshan, a long time believer in astrology and numerology added an extra H to his original name Ritik Roshan. These celebrities have changed their names according to skilled numerologists and have achieved great success. Ancient Indian texts have suggested that the zodiac sign under which a baby is born can have a large impact on its life and character. Some parents even consider consulting astrologers for raashi i.

This is determined by the positions of planets, stars and other cosmic elements at the time of birth. Each sun sign has specific letters and syllables which are appropriate to name babies.

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Here are a few examples:. Aries: Names that begin with the letter L and A are considered to be lucky for this sign.

It denotes confidence, idealism and boldness. Arians are considered to be competitive, goal oriented and passionate. Taurus : Stubborn, loyal and devoted are the primary traits exhibited by Taurus. A notable Taurus is veteran poet and playwright William Shakespeare. Gemini: A true Gemini is characterized by Charm, intelligent and adaptability.